Cattery “Matthiola”

breed Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats.

Here you can buy kitten for shows or just new family member. If you decide to buy Siberian kitten and it is a conscious decision, welcome to web-site of our cattery!!!

Useful information

With pleasure we

will tell you about this amazing breed and help to choose kitten and perhaps became friends for a long time!!! We will help you with advice how to care about your pet, explain what is better to use for feeding, how to get ready for show, if you want to take part in it.

We will answer

all questions you have. All our cats have necessary vaccinations, tests for the absence of genetic diseases, analysis about the status of health – all of these are confirmed by relevant documents. Our cats regularly participate in shows in Belarus and other countries, earning high titles and awards.

Deciding to buy a kitten in our cattery,

you should understand that the kitten is not a toy; it is your responsibility for many years.

Perhaps there will be moments when not all will turn out and you will need to have patience, but looking at these wonderful, good-natured Siberian eyes you will understand what happiness when they are close!!!

Buying Siberian kitten

be sure this creature will be love endless and give their warmth and affection unselfishly.

You will get a little fluffy ball of happiness, from which wonderful animal with a good character will grow and captivate you. You will fall in love with it forever!


Let your dreams and fantasies come true!