Jotting for kitten owners

Have you already brought into your house a small lump? How to make so that the content of the cats was without problems?

Some advice on the content of your pet:

It is necessary to buy: 

  1. 2-3 bowls for food and water 
  2. Cat toilet       
  3. The filler (wood, mineral, clay, etc.) 
  4. Game complex for cats. It is better to buy the game complex made of rope, but not carpet. 
  5. Mattress or house for the cat, which will be its place. 
  6. Toys. Kittens love balls with rattle inside or something other they can chase on. 
  7. Carrying Bag. You will need it to visit the vet for vaccination or for a trip outside the city. 

When you bring a kitten into a new home, it may not immediately remember where his toilet. Help the child. Several times a day, take the kitten into the toilet, take his paw, do the digging motion. Don’t rush to throw away used filler - solid wastes can be deleted at once, but the kitten puddles wouldn’t have a smell for you in the filler. However, the kitten will remember.

How to feed the cat?

       Lenten meat. You can feed raw meat, if you are sure of its safety. It can be scalded with boiling water, or just bring to a boil, cool and feed. Exclude pork completely - risk of becoming infected deadly diseases for cats. When feeding fresh products, meat should be 2/3 of the diet. In addition, fresh meat is deadly dangerous for the cats!!! Meat should be pre-frozen. The first sign of protein poisoning - convulsions. Urgent prick simultaneously:

1)       Magnesium sulfate - 0.5 ml / im

2)       Sulfite Cameroon - 0.4 ml / im

3)       Dimedrol - 0.4 ml / im

4)       Prednisolone - 0.3 ml / im

However, even these medications (which are sold in pharmacies and vet. clinic) don’t guarantee healing of your pet, if the poisoning happened.

       Chicken or beef liver - no more than 1 time a week. Otherwise, it may cause deformation of the skeleton.

       Chicken, turkey - but without bones. Bones do not give at all - could be a problem of stomach and intestine. Of course, the quality of the products is different. It is more convenient to crank fillets through a meat grinder.

       Stomach, heart, kidneys, lungs (beef and chicken), the udder - it is better to give boiled - or maybe an upset stomach.
       Boiled vegetables. Don’t give a lot of potatoes. Perhaps this type of feeding is convenient for you: in meat broth (for example turkey, chicken, etc.), you can add frozen vegetables. Then all together - meat and vegetables scroll through a meat grinder.
       Eggs - 1 egg yolk a week. Boiled egg is not digested. 
       Cottage cheese (preferably 0% fat). Cats love sweeten it up a bit and you can add a little sour cream. It is very important for gentle stomach kittens. You can also buy dietary soft cottage cheese.
       Kefir. Cats drink it with pleasure, and it is extremely useful.
       Cheese

All dairy products should enter in the diet of a kitten gradually, indigestion sometimes happens initially.

It will be better, if the first time you feed your pet by boiled meat and gradually add to the diet food, that you are going to feed him in the future. Sharp change of feeding frequently causes stomach upset.
       Dry food. Dry "Whiskas", "Friskas", "Kitekat" never give - get a sick animal. However, you can give canned food "Whiskas". From the dry food - "Royal Canin" for kittens. Also - "Hills" and "Iams". 


Any of dry food you have chosen pre-soak with water, but better would be broth or low-fat yogurt. Wait until the food will absorb wicking, swell and give the cat. Especially it is important during the kittens feeding. Their stomach and intestines is very delicate, dry food can cause microcracks. Canned these same firms. Pay special attention that sometimes canned "Whiskas" cause stomach upset. Make sure that the water should be constantly fresh.

       Grass (oats or wheat) - you can buy at the pet store or you can grow yourself. The cat will eat it right "from the garden".

Feed until 4 months 5-6 times a day, after 5 months, 3 times a day.
Cats rarely overeat, but if it clearly happens, then feed on the clock.At feeding meat in the morning and in the evening, if you go to work, can leave dry food for your pet. However, it is advisable not to mix natural feeding preserved foods.

!!! Do NOT give in general:

1. Pork.

2. Milk

3. The oil and any fat. Milk, butter, fat causes diarrhea.

If stomach upset occurred:

The most expensive, but the most effective treatment - IN HUMAN PHARMACY

You can give the "Smecta" 1/2 bags dissolved in 1/4 glass of boiled water and give to drink from a syringe without a needle about 1 ml every 2-3 hours. The effect will be even greater if the "Smecta" you add "Ftalazol" (in human pharmacy) floured into a fine powder (this can be done in a coffee grinder).
Baktisubtil (in human pharmacy) - one ampoule breaking the seal, dissolved in a minimum amount of water and to give 3-4 (whole ampoule at a time) per day from a syringe without a needle.

1/4 tablet ftalazol (human pharmacy) dilute with a little water, and then give it out of the disposable syringe.
For prophylaxis, very well give "Bifidumbacterin" for establishing a good intestinal flora. How to use it is written in the instructions.

It is better to buy a homeopathic preparation "Nux - vomica". It is dripping 2-4 drops every 3 hours in the kitten mouth, if severe diarrhea.
In the case of a cold - a cat sneezes or coughs - in human pharmacy, you should buy "Interferon," open one ampoule, dilute with 2 ml of water (there is a mark on the ampoule). Give kitten to drink from a pipette for 2-3 times this dose, you can give an adult cat the whole ampule. Give it 2-3 times a day. Usually it helps immediately, but if the symptoms of colds continues, do so during 5-7 days.

In addition, for any infections, colds, or the risk that the cat may be ill (good to do before the show or sale) - "Fosprinil". The rate for a kitten - 0.4 ml in the mouth, if an injection - 0.2 ml.
Vitamins "Brewers '' Dzhimpet" "BIFAR" tablets. Blue animals should not be given vitamins with seaweed - appears yellowish tint coat. Growing, pregnant, lactating animals - well give products the company "Brewers" - "Calcidee" (kaltsid). It should be one tablet per day.

If suddenly there were fleas from other animals (especially dogs) living in a house or after a trip to the countryside: a drop on the withers "Advontazh." It is possible, but worse - "Biofar" or "Bars".

You can wipe eyes with lotion for the eyes (pet shop) and "Miramistin" - sold in human pharmacy. If the eyes leak very strongly, you can use drops "Sofradeks" (in human pharmacy). There is its substitute "Dexon". 1-2 drops in each eye two times a day for 2-3 days.

In addition, at the pet store you can buy eye drops "Iris" - a form of gentamicin eye. In addition, "Anandin," but it helps worse.

Also for an eye wash good to use potassium permanganate.

Never apply sulfacetamide!!! Cat will blind.

If you do not want yet to breed kittens and cat disturbs her love calls, you can buy the vet. preparation "Depo-Promone". This injection is injected into the withers, and for six months your cat will not be disturbed hormones. It has 5 doses of 1 ml. Cat need one dose. Do not give "Kontraseks" - the cat can get oncology! Marry your cat you can on the second heat, not earlier than 1 year. You can marry the cat only 2 times a year.


       Vaccinated "Quadricat" do after 6 months. Vaccination is done once a year, provides protection against the three most serious feline diseases and rabies.

       Anthelmintics should be given the cat 3-4 times a year.

In occasion of vaccination contact the nearest veterinary hospitals, especially if you plan to participate in the exhibition, because before this event, you must get a certificate of health of the animal, which can not be obtained without a mark on vaccination made in the veterinary clinic.